Updated March 2015, DVON DV-9900 Push to Talk Delegate Microphone system rental for Conference Meeting Hire in London. Turnaround360 are pleased to announce we can now supply the excelent sounding top of the range seminar meeting round table business microphone, built by DVON in the Pacific Rim area.

The system can be set up for: first in/ first out priority, with 1, 2 or 4 mics on at a time, or can be set to: stay on till button pushed again to release operation.

The chairmans unit has an override button, to block off any unwanted comments, or turn off any delegate mics, if accidently left on. There is an individual speaker volume control in each delegate unit for easy room listening, and small ear phones can be supplied instead. The base station can power up to 4 strings of 12 mics, and has recording outputs, extra speaker output feeds, and also a mix in connector for external presenters microphone to come out of the micstation speaker units.

We have a package of 12-18 delegate gooseneck mic/speaker units, 1x chairmans override unit, and a rack mount base unit for a daily rental price of £200 plus vat (additional days at £150 per day), based on delivery at 6pm, and then collection at 6pm the following day.


Click here for more details from: Erento web site

Typical delivery charge to Surrey/ Kent/Hants £50, or central London £100.

For other areas, collection can be made from our store in Bexley, East London is possible, or we can have city link deliver the cased boxes to your venue, and then collect it later, at a cost price.

We dont supply smaller packages than a box of 12, otherwise there are not enough to speakers to fill the room for a general listening level.

We also have a larger system with 30 delegate mics, 2x chairmans mics, and a base station rack for £275, (£250 for any extra day)

These are very quick and easy to set up as the mics simply daisy chain together in series

Optional extras included with the same delivery price:

We have short multipin extension leads to join seperate tables together, and a longer extension lead back to the 13a mains powered base station.

We can also supply hard disk recorder for CDs or MP3s as a take home copy of the minutes of the meeting,  for £25 extra,

We can supply a PA system of two loudspeakers on stands with a stereo power amplifier to other listeners in the meeting room for £50 extra.

We can supply a hand held, or tieclip/ beltpack DVON radio mics to feed into the system for guest speaker/ chairperson for £25 extra. We can also supply lecturns for presenting.

We can supply a technician to deliver, set up, stay all day to operate, monitor record levels/ fade up mic if to quiet or turn down if too loud, then take down at the end of the day for £180 extra if needed (parking, congestion charge, and meals are extra)

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Please call /Text Roger Binyon 07973 430950 for more details/ check availability in Feb 2015

Collection from Turnaround360, London House, Birchwood Rd, Swanley, Kent, DA2 7HA

or email: Turnaro360@aol.com           more pictures availiable here: Wikizic

Other Users of this system are:

Intavisual Services, Littlehampton, Sussex

Metropolitian Police, Bromley

Duncan Taylor, Cambridge